Assisted reproduction – getting ready to go

June 2015

Once we decided to chuck nature’s way and go for assisted reproduction, we found it quite funny. All the obsession with eggs and sperms and the endless routine of taking medicines. I had just quit my job and G found it hilarious that I will be “sitting at home and laying eggs”; his very own golden goose.

I had agreed to one cycle of IVF, and if that didn’t work I told him we’ll just leave it to nature. We were actually shocked that people went in for 4-5-6 cycles and still didn’t give up! I was ambitious and career driven, i’d just started my business and so much fixation on a baby was just going to hinder me. G was ok with it, he didn’t want me to go through the pain anyway – at least I’d agreed for one try!

We had a family reunion to go to, one of the first in many years, so we decided to start the treatment in July once we got back from the fun and frolic. As a precaution i’d already stopped drinking. The BCP was taking its toll though, with mood swings and PMS symptoms. Still G was patient with me. He was happy, ecstatic actually that he was finally going to be a father.

We managed to find some time alone on a scenic road on the way to the reunion. It was also a way to his ancestral town. We went there quite frequently, but never via this route. While sipping on tea at a roadside tea-stall he said “this route is beautiful baby, we’ll take this road one day for going to the town. You’ll love it!”.

He did take me on that route, but that’s a story for another post.

We had our fun, came back and promptly showed up at the docs office as soon as my cycle began. And then started the procedure that’ll change the course of my life!


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