Starting my IVF journey

July 2015

The most important meeting of my life – one that could define the trajectory of my new venture – was on the 3rd Monday of July. The same day that I had to start my IVF treatment. And almost at the same time. If I didn’t plan it by the minute, I might end up missing out on the meeting. I was livid – this baby was already disrupting my life! I even considered postponing the procedure for another month. But what was the guarantee that it won’t happen again?

So I resigned myself and went to the clinic. G took me there on a bike to save time from I rushed the staff through the scans and took my first injection. Rode really fast to the meeting place and made it miraculously on time. So far so good.

Then started the daily injections, the frequent scans and blood tests and G was with me everyday, leaving every thing to be there when I got poked and prodded and complained about the aches and pains. I hated the blood tests more than the injections and told him “your baby has already sucked off 10 liters of my blood”. He’d just laugh at the absurdity.

I also cribbed about how it was all fun and frolic for him while I was being stuffed full of hormones. “All you are contributing is a jar full of sperm, AND having fun while doing it!”, I complained! So he took it upon himself to make everything else easy for me. He didn’t let me do any housework, ran around making sure I was well fed at all times (I am very grouchy when I get hungry), and generally loved me like crazy.

Finally the hormone therapy was over and we were called over at night to start the Luteal phase. Another 35 hours and the eggs will be out. It was the end of July, and we thought the beginning of a new chapter. I was scared, and still skeptical about how the baby will change my life. G, on the other hand, was the happiest I have seen him in the 15 years I have known him.

How did the retrieval and embryo transfer go? Will write about it soon!


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