Embryo Transfer – Hoping for the best

4th August 2015

Finally the D-day arrives. We got a call from the hospital a day before and were asked to get admitted today morning. The hospital wasn’t very clear in directions – how many fertilized, what’s the quality etc. so we spent an anxious night. We were supposed to find out the details today, and we felt it was too short a time to make such a decision. Should we transfer 1 or 2 or 3 embryos? We weren’t ready for twins, but what if a single one didn’t work?

Anyway, we arrived at the hospital bright and early. No fasting this time as the procedure won’t be under anesthesia. G was jumping around. I had done a mock transfer earlier just to check the passage was clear – they sprang it on me really and it did hurt a bit. But I wasn’t looking forward to it really. Who would like a metallic rod thingy stuffed all the way up to their uterus? I had to get the procedure done on a full bladder, and had been drinking water the whole morning. So with the need to pee my primary concern, the wait wasn’t helping. Anyway, G was cheering me up with his usual antics.

I was changed in to my hospital gown and shooed in to the waiting room, G was asked to wait outside. But we could see each other through the glass and he kept making these faces that made me laugh. I tried to tell him to stop doing that – laughing didn’t help the need to pee! – but he didn’t get it.

Finally we both were called for a consult and given the state of our embryos. Unfortunately the eggs weren’t of good quality and of 17 eggs, they were able to get only 3 average quality embryos. With the docs recommendation to transfer at least 2, we went ahead with that number.

So I was in the OT and on the table, and could see everything this time. They did the procedure with ultrasound guidance and just like that I had 2 embryos inside me. Technically they were 5 day old babies. I didn’t know what to feel, or think.Maybe I was getting used to the idea of a baby! It was now time for the 2 week wait, and we went home with broad smiles.

Did the procedure work? I’ll talk about it a little later. More important things in the next post


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