The day that destroyed my life

11th August 2015

I’ve never been good at dates, but i’ll never forget this one. G traveled a lot for his work and he wanted to finish one trip before the BHCG results came out on 17th August and we found out if we had succeeded in making a baby.

His trips were to his ancestral town (let’s call it H) where he was developing a beach property, and he stayed there 10-12 days a month. So his going was a routine activity. He usually took a night bus and reached there the next morning. This time he decided to go along with a friend who wanted to see the property as well – and they took the friend’s car.

If you woke him up at night and said “let’s go to H”, he’d come along. This time he told me 2-3 times that he didn’t feel like going. I thought he doesn’t want to leave me alone with the baby thing and all. I asked him to not go then. But his friend wanted the trip, and G thought the car would be really convenient and he went.

He left the house in the afternoon. I can still see him in the doorway, with his bag – the one he carried everywhere – slung over his shoulders. I didn’t even say a proper goodbye, because he traveled so often. I probably didn’t even look that well when he went out the door – never to come back! How I wish I could have hugged him, or given him that one last kiss. How I wish I could have stopped him from going. It’s people like me who end up wishing for a time machine.

Their car met with an accident at 10:00pm that night. And he left me and our yet unborn baby, forever!

14 thoughts on “The day that destroyed my life

  1. I’m so so sorry for your loss. This post really blindsided me. The idiot that I am, I assumed your blog was about a break up and never even suspected it was a bereavement. I’m impressed you are still functioning, let alone blogging. Sending hugs from London. x

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  2. You, the baby and Gaurav seem a known family to me now. I just read your blog today. More power to you. A big hug to the mother and son.
    I love you. 😍

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