The eggs are here – let’s make some babies!

30th July 2015

I was scheduled to go in to surgery at 11:45am on 30th July for the egg retrieval procedure. We reached the hospital at 8:00am and got admitted. Reached the ward and the nurses started the preparation. I was super thirsty – for someone who drinks water every 5 minutes, going without it since 10:00pm the night before was torture. G was fasting with me too. He hadn’t eaten or had a drop of water since last night either. I kept telling him to eat – he had to keep his energies up while I slept, but he just laughed it off!

As we waited for the procedure to begin he curled up with me on the hospital bed, and snoozed a little. We were up too early to get to the hospital on time. They finally took me in and I was soon oblivious to everything thanks to the anesthesia. But this time when I woke up (unlike the last GPA during my Hysteroscopy) I was nauseated, breathless, and in pain. G was worried. He ran around and pestered everyone till they hooked me up with some paracetamol.

I slept for the longest time and he kept watch. I had to leave my slippers outside the OT, he went and collected them for when I got up. He knew I hated going barefoot.

The doc came for rounds around 2:30 and said I could eat now – that meant G will also eat something finally. She said they were able to retrieve 17 eggs and depending on how the fertilization went we’ll be notified of the embryo transfer (ET) process. We were discharged around 4:30 and went home to wait for the call that said we can come over for the ET.

It would be 4 days of anxious wait. Had our gametes done it? Will we get good quality embryos? Will this work? But we were optimistic. After all 17 eggs and millions of sperms would give us at least one baby! That time and another post will tell. Till then…


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