That fateful day that changed everything

11th August 2015

I’m bad with dates, but I’ll never forget this one. The day that took life as I knew it away from me. The day my best friend of 15 years left me forever. A lorry driver hit their car from behind and it was over in an instant.

I spoke to him at 9:27pm that night. He was on the road and I just wanted to check where he had reached. The conversation went somewhat like this:

Me: Hey, where have you reached?

G: I’m almost reaching my destination.

Me: Hmm… so what’s up?

G: Nothing, hey listen, can I call you back in a bit? I’m with a friend?

Me(somewhat angrily, but mock anger): Fiiine… You just be with your friends, hmpf!! Bye!

And I put down the phone.

At 10:01 he was dead. At least that’s what the doc estimated.

But I didn’t know it. I didn’t know it till the next morning, because he was 8 hours away from home. So I called him again around midnight. He had 2 phones, one was switched off and the other rang but he didn’t pick up. But that happened often, batteries ran out, network was bad, and perhaps he was just tired and slept.

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep. Somehow, sleep just refused to come. Then just before 1:00am his brother called, “G met with an accident and he’s critical, we have to go”. My worst fear had come true I thought – how was I to know that the reality is much much worse. I cried, because I knew it would happen one day. He would hurt himself badly; the roads are not a safe place. My hands were shaking, as I disconnected his brother’s call and called G again. He’s just hurt, he’ll pick up; someone will pick up and tell me what happened! But no one did.

I called my brother in law (BIL) again and asked when was he coming to pick me. He said 30 minutes and asked me to pack a lot of clothes as we may have to stay there a while. I packed my clothes and his, I kept money because I wanted to make sure no expense was spared on his care. I packed Odomos because mosquitos troubled him a lot.

None of this would ever be used. How we got where he was lying alone in his pool of blood is another story. Can’t seem to see the screen right now.


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