Seeing Thestrals

Maybe now I know what J K Rowling was referring to when she introduced Thestrals in the Harry Potter books. The magical beasts that become visible only to those who have experienced a death.

This wasn’t my first experience of death – I had seen many a relative pass away – but this is definitely my strongest experience of it. Perhaps it was never so close or personal. Or perhaps the enormity of impact on my life was minimal in the other cases. Now that I HAVE experienced it, I can understand the pain of others better. And somehow, there are so many stories of bereavement around me that I never knew of – that are surfacing now.

People have lost parents, siblings, spouses, and children. And they have all braved it and moved on. I know now that life was never the same for them again, and I know they miss them still, but somehow, life has continued.

Maybe that’s a tragedy in itself? That life goes on when the world disintegrates around you? When I first logged on to Facebook after G’s death, I hated everyone who was happy. I hated people who were celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries or just posting travel pictures. When I had nothing left to celebrate, it hurt to see that it didn’t make a difference to the world.

But I am over that now, there are still pangs of hurt sometime when I see a happy couple and know that i’m never going to get that special hug or that shared look. And the Thestrals that are coming out of the enchanted forest are somehow showing me the way back to life.


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