Are our lives predetermined?

I was never a believer of god, but now I do believe in fate. That something determines the course of your life. It’s just that we don’t interpret the signs in time. Now when I look back at our lives, fate does seem to have had a hand in it.

If we look at probabilities, G & I would never have met. I am from a somewhat conservative family in Jaipur and he was in Bangalore. No one in my family – let alone a girl – had ever stepped out of Jaipur for higher education. No girl was a doctor or engineer. Everyone wanted to keep me in Jaipur, but I got admission only in a college in Bangalore. He wrote the same exams and got in to a college in a district close to Bangalore.

We would still have not met except that in the second choice that we get to reconsider decisions, I changed my college to another one in Bangalore. And he, wanting to come to Bangalore, exchanged seats with some girl and landed up in the same college as me and in the same class.

We became good friends, because he was using me to get to other girls in the class that he wanted to date; and I found his attempts really funny. The friendship turned to experimentation, turned to dating and finally to marriage in a course of 11 years. We had our ups and downs, and we almost broke up after 4 years of engineering, but destiny had something else in mind.

I was going for higher studies to an institute in Mumbai after a long application and selection process from multiple institutes. He had applied only to that college. And somehow even though the odds were enormous, we ended up again in the same college in the same class.

We talked about marriage often, but didn’t reach any decision. My mom meanwhile was after me to get married, I was almost 28 after all! In all this confusion I almost married someone else, and just somehow that didn’t go through. The same year G called me – after a silence of 8 months – and asked if I’d like to get married. I said yes, and the next year we tied the knot.

Is it so hard to believe then that something else was at play? Aren’t these just too many coincidences? I know somehow fate pushed us together, because we only had these 15 years in store. And if only 4 of those we spent married… I am still glad we met.


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