Remembering G: The first kiss

It was the first kiss for both of us. I remember it clearly – but I want to write it down in case at some point in time it gets hazy and I forget. It was the 3rd of March in 2001, we had gone to a concert with a bunch of friends.We were all staying the night at a friend’s place. G rode a boxer then, his first motorbike. I sat behind him, and we roamed the streets, not wanting to go home. We somehow knew what was going to happen. And just like that he stopped the bike in the middle of the road – it was late at night and the streets were deserted.

We got down and walked a bit, holding hands. Neither of us sure of how to proceed. It was a big decision, it would change us from best friends to something complicated (none of us was ready for a relationship). And we didn’t know how to deal with that. We weren’t drunk, so it made things a tad difficult :). But we were young, and thinking too much isn’t really a virtue of the young. And so, I don’t know how, we were kissing in the middle of the night on a strange road. Mind you, it wasn’t acceptable behavior in India that time – frolicking on the streets. But who cared. The very thought that it’s forbidden was an adrenaline rush.

So we kissed. It wasn’t like a Mills & Boon, it wasn’t the perfect kiss, it wasn’t like the movies – but it WAS a kiss that sealed our fate. And after there was no going back.

P.S. – There were also stray dogs around and after some time we made a run for our lives 🙂


One thought on “Remembering G: The first kiss

  1. Such a beautiful story… U remember the kiss from 15 years ago. Both of you must be so young and awkward at that time. Roaming in bikes in the middle of night.. So romantic.

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