I don’t want to talk about money!

The sad part about death is that life doesn’t wait. There is no time to grieve in peace, because formalities await. There are claims to be made, accounts to be closed, certificates to be made, forms to be filled – an endless trail of meaningless paper. And after all the effort things still don’t work out. Can you imagine – they forgot to put my name on his death certificate! We had filled it in the form – but instead on its place in the certificate I got a string of asterisk!

There are so many things to close – business concerns, decisions to be made, bills to be paid, liabilities to be settled – that no one has time to properly grieve the loss. Still I am fortunate that his brother has taken most of the procedure off my hands – at the cost of his grieving. Yet, there are things that I need to do – and it pisses me off.

People have been especially curious about money – with good intentions I am sure. Everyone wanted to know how much had he left me! I don’t need his money – I need him. I never needed money; I am self-sufficient thank you. He didn’t leave me unprovided for; neither his mom. They just settled his claim, and I have enough to bring our baby in this world.

The worst call came yesterday when the claim money was deposited in my bank account. They had assigned me a wealth manager some time ago. He must have had some targets that were met due to the money inflow. He called me very happily to ask if the money is going to be in my account for some time. I could hear his grin. He chirped that thanks to this last minute transfer, his goals were met. I wanted to scream at him that it’s a payment for G’s death. I hated him for being so happy about it. But the poor guy didn’t know. And with some last shred of reason still in place, and all my willpower, I put down the phone politely.

But it was typical of G – helping people – and he did it even from heaven.


One thought on “I don’t want to talk about money!

  1. Yes the curious matter of life haunt us more when we lose our most loved. Money is so ugly. But I so hope that this very vulgar business of life helps you out very soon. A tiny brat like G driving you nuts will be worth all the paper trail…..


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