Remembering G – The late nights

G had his quirks, sometimes endearing, sometimes annoying, but there all the same. He loved to party and you couldn’t drag him away from one. He was almost always the last to leave unless I was there with him and kicked up a fuss.

When I wasn’t with him at the party I would usually ask him to stay back at his friends’ place. I loved my sleep and didn’t want him waking me up at 2 or 3 in the morning. But he never stayed back anywhere, not even once. He ALWAYS came home, no matter what time. And he’d always wake me up. There have been only 2 instances when he didn’t wake me up after coming home late and that was during the 2 week wait.

And then he wanted food. No matter how many times I told him to eat out and come, he’s always come and ask for something to eat. Even if he had eaten something outside, he’d want me to give him something – anything. There were occasions when I was too pissed because he woke me up, and then I wouldn’t make a snack. He’d then try and make noodles and do a bad job of it. I’d see the condition of the food, give up, and make something for him. You should have seen his smile when I did that.

I always had the sneaky suspicion that he wasn’t hungry. He just wanted my company before he slept. And after all this drama, he’d inevitably fall asleep before me!

He still wakes me up sometimes. I get up at night thinking he’s back and I can’t sleep again. I wish I could make a bowl of Maggi noodles for him once more.


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