I am an aunt now!

When my sister came to be with me in the days following G’s death, she was 8 months pregnant. Her baby was due around the first week of October. But with babies you never know the timing, so when she called us up on 24th Sept, we rushed to be at her side. No one wanted to miss out on being there, not even G – I am sure he was there in spirit. He was always so excited about babies.

However, in following 2 weeks there was no sign of the baby – the labor wasn’t starting. The docs were advising on a C-section but my sis wanted to have a normal delivery if at all possible. So unimaginably we ran around 2 cities, shuttling between 2 cities, consulting docs to find someone who might give a different opinion. She travelled 6-7 hours by road on 5th and 6th of Oct. I collected a lot of air miles. It was crazy, it was scary and after G’s loss all of us were terrified of these journeys.

But finally, we arrived at the hospital of her choice on 6th night and she went for a C-section today morning. The baby was born at 8:39 am and she is a pretty little thing. She has her mother’s nose and her father’s eyes. I couldn’t stop crying when I saw her. And I missed G sooo much! I was never so sentimental, I think I’m becoming a leaky tap like the rest of my family!

I made the announcement from G’s Facebook page – he’d have liked that. Now i’m headed back home to re-start my baby project. Hopefully we’ll┬ápresent baby girl no name (yeah! they had 9 months and still couldn’t decide a name) with a baby brother soon.

Fingers crossed!


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