Remembering G: The traveler

I was never much of a traveler. A chronic complaint of motion sickness ensured that the only travel I am comfortable with was air travel. But G loved to travel – just say ‘let’s go’ and he’ll be ready in 5 minutes to leave. He did travel a lot for short trips. Going regularly to H was a routine anyway. And his office offsites took him overseas.

He was the one who made me travel – and made sure I was comfortable doing so. For trips up to 12 hours of driving, I was the driver. If I was at the steering wheel I didn’t get motion sick. He loved to drive on highways, but he gave it up for traveling with me. After our wedding our first trip together was to Dubai. We shopped like crazy and stayed at the Atlantis. Our last trip together was to Goa (not counting the family outing here), just this April, and it was one of the best trips we’ve had together.

The holiday he enjoyed the most was when we went to SF and Vegas. The boy didn’t sleep the entire trip. I’m sorry to say I wasn’t any fun on that trip. The jet lag really affected me, and I was super lethargic the whole time – also cold! But that didn’t deter him, he roamed the streets, went to pubs, talked to bartenders, gambled, stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon and was generally happy! He knew the place inside out in the 10-12 days that we were there.

Just getting there was an adventure. I already had the US visa when the trip was planned, he didn’t. We didn’t know whether he’ll get it in time even when I was on my way to the airport. I arrived a day before him, while he was still in Chennai giving his Visa interview. He’d packed his bags and gone there. He booked his tickets at the last minute, made a dash back to Bangalore and managed to catch the flight. A very long route! And we’d been planning to go again, after the baby.

He coaxed me to take another trip – just to Thailand probably – before I start the IVF process. He didn’t like the fact that I won’t be able to travel for a while. I wish we’d gone, and made some more memories. I wish we’d done that Europe trip we’d been planning for so long. I wish we hadn’t delayed it for stupid work reasons.

But he’s free now, free to roam about and travel wherever he wants to.  And I hope he’s doing that. Going to all the places we went together and all those that we planned for. Have fun baby 🙂 I love you.


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