Remembering G: The cricketer

Our lives have had so many funny & memorable instances.

When we first met, G kept telling everyone how he was the captain of his school cricket team and a very good player. He really had been the captain, as for a good player – i’ll never know. I’ve seen him play cricket only twice in my life – once, in the first year of our engineering college days and once when we were pursuing our MBA course ( I didn’t really stay and watch that time).

But nothing beats the first time I saw him ‘play’. I stayed in a hostel that time and the college cricket ground was quite close. He called me and my roommate to come cheer for him, and we went because we all had become good friends by then. The teams were decided, the coin tossed, and people had already taken their positions by the time we arrived. It was a hot day, going by the usual Bangalore weather. We looked around for G but couldn’t spot him. After searching the ground for a while we saw him standing really far out. It was his team’s turn to field.

The match commenced, but no shot was going to where G stood. And basically he was just loitering around. Finally I think he got bored, and lay down on his stomach in the grass. He propped his elbows on the ground, put his chin on his palms, and lounged about watching the action. Meanwhile, my roommate and I were hysterical with laughter.

Finally a ball went his way, but I think by then he was too lazy to get up. So he watched casually, turning his head – not moving an inch from the ground – as the ball rolled past. It was quite Tom Sawyer-ish. And that was too much for us. I had stomach cramps because I was laughing so much. Tears were streaming down my eyes and I couldn’t breathe.

We didn’t wait for the match to finish, so I don’t know if he was as good a batsman as he was a fielder. But any how he could never again talk about his cricketing days without me bursting into laughter.

And then he threw me a Googly! Who asked you to leave so soon you bugger?


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