The jerks are already crawling out of the woodwork

It’s 2 months today that G’s been gone. Just 2 months, but it feels like forever already. But probably it’s not too early for some people. I had a very disturbing conversation not even a month after G’s death. People were reaching out from everywhere to offer their condolences and support – he was loved by so many! Even old school friends called, people he’d met just occasionally, colleagues, acquaintances, everyone. And they were all genuinely distraught and shocked by this news – except one!

It began innocently enough. I got a message on whatsapp from this guy saying how he is very sorry about this loss. I replied almost mechanically – thank you, means a lot etc. He then asked me if he could call me because he was ‘sure’ he could console me. He wanted to talk about G. He said he was a good friend. I had heard his name once before, but I didn’t know him personally. So I politely declined and said I am not ready to talk about it. He said of course he understands and asked me if I am still in Bangalore and 2-3 such general questions. I sent one word answers – I wasn’t in a chatty mood. It was all ok till now.

Then things got weird. Even after the conversation was over – there really wasn’t anything to say – he kept messaging me. I was bugged by then and had stopped responding. But he carried on and on, going in to really personal stuff. He asked me thrice if I had any kids! Of course I wasn’t responding. Then he commented on my religion and culture and said he loved the food we made. On and on he must have sent me a 100 messages. I wish I could produce them here, but they were lost when my phone stopped functioning.

The crux came when he told me he’d also been married but now was divorced. I blocked him then. I made 2 of my friends read that conversation and they said that sicko sounded like he was checking if I was available. He totally was – the worm. I┬ájust wanted verification that I am not cooking up things in my head and feeling insecure just because G is not there.

And this is just the first one. God knows how many are lurking in corners waiting to jump out. The world is such an unsafe place without him!

P.S. I had my sis in law read the conversation, and she told his brother. He was quite pissed and wanted that guy’s number to give him a piece of his mind. So yes, there are people to take care of me. Just that it wouldn’t be needed if G was there in the first place.


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