The baby project: Phase 1 – Research

I’ve been doing everything I can to made conditions favorable for this baby to happen. The weight loss program is working and i’m down to 60 Kgs from ~68-69Kgs that I was 2 months ago. The results of counseling are not that visible. I am not sure if it’s working or not, but going for it anyways. I’ve also been talking to doctors and doing some research on the subject. My 2 main goals are:

  1. Improve the quality of eggs
  2. Make conditions favorable for an implant

While I was browsing discussion threads on babycenter, I came across a suggestion to read It Starts With The Egg. It’s a book by Rebecca Fett that talks about changes we can make in our lifestyle and supplements we can take to improve body chemistry that will ultimately improve the quality of eggs and resultantly the quality of embryos leading to better chances of a pregnancy and reduced miscarriage rates. It gives specific instructions for cases like mine – hypothyroidism, PCOS and need for IVF.

There is much that I need to change, and i’ve started making some effort. I’m on supplements now for myo-inositol, folic acid, Vitamin C, D and E – basically popping pills all day long again! The book also recommends getting rid of plastic to avoid BPA exposure. I’m finding that tough to do – almost everything around me is plastic. Still, some changes will be made this weekend. Some other supplements like CoQ10 are advised too, but this one reduces thyroid activity, so i’m waiting to check with my doctor before starting on it.

There is so much to do, so many viewpoints, but this is the only book i’ve found that makes it sound doable. My doc clearly said you cannot do anything to improve the quality of eggs; my dietician said you can. And this book is actually telling me how.

To quote my mom “if there is no harm, just try it once”.ย And that’s what i’m doing – trying my best. The rest is up to fate. And the only way I know if it worked will be after the egg retrieval.

P.S.: If you have any tips to up my chances of having a baby, please share.


3 thoughts on “The baby project: Phase 1 – Research

  1. You need to oxygenate your uterus. This was told to me when I lost the first bubbz. The only thing that does this is a flow of low cortisol rich blood into your uterus. This comes with leg raising exercises on your non-period days. There are various forms of this. The best is: revolve your hip to loosen while you stand, lie straight back on a firm yoga mat and raise your legs and take it back as much as you can. You can place a pillow on the lower portion of your back if the tai bone hurts. Add garlic to your diet. Add loads of greens and reds from the fruits and veggies spectrum ….. Surya namaskar…start with one (set of two that is). Keep plants in your house. Avoid room fresheners and air purifiers. Use gulab jaal in your bath room as essence in a bowl. Drink water out of a glass bottle or copper vessel. No plastics. A 20 min brisk walk cum run

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