Remembering G: The cheating in exams

G was a good student – just a lazy one. His mind worked quick, but only in pursuit of business interests. Mugging for exams was never his forte; but he did well on aptitude tests. He scored a 90 percentile on CAT – a very prestigious MBA entrance exam here – without a single day’s preparation!

So when he came to college, his primary interest wasn’t studies but networking. He spent his days talking to people, making friends – even the college peon was his buddy. We’d get special attention at the cafeteria because G knew the server. We’d get extra attendance for missed classes because G knew the office clerk and many such perks and benefits just because he knew people and spent time with them.

Obviously such extensive networking and pursuing the babes in college didn’t leave much time for studies. So he cheated. There were 2 people he cheated from – Me and another girl whose roll number was just before his. And he had a very good eyesight. He could see your paper sitting 4 benches away! And If anyone refused to let him copy, he’ll throw stuff at them – erasers, paper balls etc. till they gave in!

I made chits for him to copy from and she showed him her answers. Together we made sure he became an engineer :). And later I carried on doing this for MBA as well. I kept telling him that he owed his education to me! But I owed him so much more – the friendships, the help and support through out, the love and affection even when we weren’t seeing each other.

But I digress. So we ‘studied’ together for exams (when we’d started seeing each other, the study time usually turned in to a make out session). I wasn’t studious either, but in the 15 days before exams I spent time on books. Or rather half the books. To save money and time, G & I had devised a unique solution. There were 8 questions in finals and we had to answer 5 of them. These were usually spread over the entire syllabus. So we bought one set of books and tore them in half. Then he did one half and I did the other. That way we knew enough for at least 4 questions. A guarantee to passing marks – and that’s all that mattered.

But he got so used to just copying off stuff that it became a joke. In the first year, we had engineering drawing needing 3D renders. I was terrible at it. I couldn’t visualize it at all. And G was great at it. It was a matter of minutes for him to make a render. So we decided that since I’m helping him with all the other subjects, he’ll let me copy this one. All was decided and we went in for the exam. I had never cheated before, so I was a bit nervous. But it was either that or fail. So we took our places and while waiting for G to start work I just started drawing some lines on my sheet. I was doing it so that the invigilator doesn’t think I am goofing off or trying to copy – but they were just random lines. After 5 minutes when I thought G would have done something that I can copy I looked at his sheet. And… he was drawing the exact same thing as me!! I tried to tell him that i’m just wasting time but he couldn’t hear me. He had gotten so used to cheating that even when he knew the subject, and I didn’t he was copying off my sheet! To no surprise, we both failed – almost. We got a grace mark each to just cross that threshold from fail to pass. After the paper was over I was laughing so hard that I couldn’t even be mad at him!

He was a crazy guy 🙂 right till the very end. And i’m sure everyone will always remember him like that.

Love you baby :*


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