His dream – a piece of paradise

G always wanted to get in to real estate. So 2 years ago, he took a sabbatical from work and started hunting for his dream property. He belonged to a coastal town on the western ghats – a beautiful, calm place away from the chaos of cities. Then last year, he quit his job completely. He went full-time in to managing our restaurant and bringing his beach property dream to fruition.

He spent most of his weekdays in the town and came to Bangalore on weekends for the restaurant. In 2014 he had shortlisted 10 properties in the region and took me there to choose the final one to invest in. I chose the one that’s now the cover pic of this post. I could see myself living here, chilling on the beach and just lounging around pursuing some creative streak. And so he bought it. A lush spread of 2.5 acres of land – truly a piece of paradise. And then he ran around getting approvals for conversion and development.

By June 2015 he already had bookings for 11 plots of the 22 planned in the layout. And in July he got his first payment. All was going well and on track – till that fateful day. We will now complete his dream – just that he won’t be there to see it. Like so many other things he’ll miss.

It has been tough, picking up where he left off. I am honestly not much use, but his brother is doing a lot to bring things up to speed. We still have a long way to go and a lot of things to do. He was the sales guy, we cannot do what he could. But we won’t drop this like the restaurant. This needs to get done. We have been reaching out to friends to help us make the sales and complete it. In time things would work out. I am sure of it – they have to.

And then when it is ready; on his death anniversary we will host a gathering. Of all those who knew him and loved him. And we’ll drink and party – because that’s what he loved. To have fun, to be with friends, to be at his beach. We’ll have his favorite drink – Laphroaig; and play his favorite music.

Cheers baby! We’ll have so much fun that you’ll wish you were there with us!


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