Some more plans… some more grief

G loved his ancestral town. It was scenic, untouched and home. I found it inconvenient – the old house, the lack of electricity and the typical small town life. But it WAS beautiful – there was no denying that. It was indeed the most beautiful on his ritualistic last day here. It was as if he was orchestrating the colors, the rain and sunlight from up there to create his masterpiece.

He wanted to retire here. Own a small piece of land, make a homestay, boat and fish – a serene, peaceful existence. I wasn’t so enthusiastic about it at first, but gradually warmed up to the idea. The thing that made me change my mind was an awesome boat ride over the river that flows there. And so we bought a small plot of land – 15,000 sq ft. on the banks of the same river (in the picture). The only way it could be accessed was through a boat. If need be there was a land route, but it was basically walking through a lot of backyards and fields to get there.

We wanted to put up 5 log cabins, right on the edge of the river and a bar going in to the water. There are a lot of tourists that visit that area, so we thought we could rent out some cabins and keep one for ourselves. There was already a small hut in the premises and we wanted to make it the pantry/ breakfast place.

The plans were all set, he’d even finalized a boat to buy; and then the disaster. He couldn’t wait till retirement i guess. Such a hurry to go away! And so i’m left with another dream that perhaps i’d have to finish alone. But people wouldn’t mind their own business. Some of them wanted me to sell it off. What will I do with it they asked. Whatever, but not sell it at least. I have to keep it for his baby. To take him there one day and tell him this is what your father was building. Here is where his heart was. And here is where my heart is now!

I’m keeping it – who knows I may retire there too. But the homestay plan has to wait. Everything has to wait till the baby comes…


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