Remembering G: For the love of food

I made his favorite dal today – Dali Toi. He loved it and whenever I made it, he’d eat more than usual. When we went to his parent’s house, he always asked for it. It was his comfort food; a connection to home.

After we got married, I didn’t cook much. I preferred eating out and anyway with work etc. there was not much time to cook. G on the other hand loved home made meals, and the relish with which he ate whenever I cooked at home was very satisfying. My regret is that I didn’t do it enough. Now that I am on this weight loss program, I need to cook at home. And believe me it’s a horrible feeling to cook for just one person. Nothing like making a single meal brings home the point that you are alone. And I feel guilty too. I didn’t cook for him when he loved food so much, and now I am sitting and making all this for myself!!!

And he’d eat anything! We were very different in our food habits. He loved meat; I was a vegetarian ( no egg either). He could eat insects; I chose my veggies too. He loved home cooked; I loved take away. He had his favorite places chalked out. He could drive hours to go to the perfect Biriyani place, or that shack that served the best Kebabs, or the road where you could find Hyderabadi Haleem. When he liked something he thoroughly enjoyed it. And it was satisfying to see him eat. He savored every morsel.

He liked to share his food too. Especially what he loved – like fish. He loved fish and liked to buy it himself. Every Sunday when we visited his parent’s house he’s take along some fish for his mom to cook. And then he’ll take a small piece and leave the rest for everyone else. He didn’t like being stingy when it came to food. It had to be more than enough – always.

So i’m hoping to continue his love for food. Our kid is definitely going to be omnivorous – including insects. And i’m also going to host a lunch every year in his memory, in his native town. Free food for anyone who needs it and as much as they want.


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