He wasn’t alone in that car

I keep checking G’s Facebook account and sharing memories. Yesterday, when I checked his notifications I found a disturbing birthday reminder. The accident that took away G forever also badly injured the guy who was with him. It was his birthday that popped up in notifications yesterday. And it made me wonder how he was doing.

I had kept a track till 24th Sept, when I went away to see the birth of my sister’s baby; but had lost touch (and interest) post that.I know it may sound callous – how can you lose interest when someone is battling life and death! But my battle was already lost, and I wasn’t interested in any other. And I still blame him for all of this. If he hadn’t insisted, G would still be by my side. So forgive me for being callous; at least i’ve moved from hatred to indifference. When I first heard the news my first thought was why was HE still alive?

Anyway, he was pretty badly beat up. His legs were broken, so were the pelvis and the ribs. His lungs and spinal cord had some injury as well. Plus his skull was cracked and there were blood clots in his brain. He was on ventilator and in coma for 2 months – the last time I checked. His chances didn’t look good and no one was helping. I heard his family wasn’t interested either and his wife had to sell furniture etc. to keep paying the hospital bill. He didn’t have enough medical insurance to cover the cost and his wife was struggling with a 3 year old baby, a comatose husband and a part time job. I felt bad for HER; I really did. But I was struggling with my loss and didn’t have much to offer. They had told me I can claim for G’s death from him, since it was his car. But I let it go; clearly he needed the money more. What would I do with it?

Other than not claiming anything from them and giving them G’s license to claim car insurance (this guy didn’t even have a license!) I didn’t do anything actively to help them. And I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. Maybe I am a horrible person. But that’s the honest truth. And I will always blame him for what happened.

Still, since his birthday reminded me, I checked on what’s going on. He’s off the ventilator, out of the ICU, back home. He’s talking now and is on the road to recovery. He remembers everything except the incident. All that’s information.

The point is that he’s alive; and G’s not. I hate him!


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