The baby project: Starting phase II

I’ve been trying to book an appointment with my doctor for more than a week now. She’s away on holiday and though she was supposed to be back today, it’s been postponed to this Friday. I couldn’t wait that long.ย The process of egg retrieval is supposed to start from the 2nd day of your period and I was very close to my date.

I didn’t want to miss this cycle because that would mean waiting another month and I am impatient already. So I chose to meet another doctor in her team and just give them a heads up that I am coming for the procedure and in case they need to get some tests done before that they should let me know.

It was a quick meeting. Since my tests are just a few months old there was no need to repeat them. I just have to get there on the expected day, register, pay up and then I am on phase II. Phase I was pretty much about shaping up for this. Now i’ll undergo 2-3 cycles of egg retrieval to maximize the number of embryos. That way I can try for implants multiple times and hopefully one will work out. So once I am done with this first retrieval I freeze the eggs, wait for another month, repeat retrieval and freeze, wait for another month and repeat.

In my fist cycle with G, we got 17 eggs of which 12 fertilized but due to poor egg quality only 3 made it to blastocyst stage – i.e. 5 day embryo that can be implanted. Going by this math I am hoping to get at least 3 decent embryos from each cycles eggs, giving me a total of 9. With one already frozen from the first attempt, I will have 10 embryos and implanting 2 at a time will give me 5 attempts. That’s the best I can hope for I guess.

They only have a 3ml sample left from G, and they don’t know if they can freeze it again once thawed – it’ll depend on the quality. Still when the day comes and if it’s still an option i’ll refreeze it but otherwise i’d be pretty much done for and will only have those embryos to depend on.

Keeping my fingers crossed and my ovaries healthy. Hope this works. It has to!


9 thoughts on “The baby project: Starting phase II

  1. Could you wait and freeze all of your eggs (from all 3 cycles), then defrost all of your good eggs and his sperm at the same time and introduce them? That way the semen doesn’t have to be defrosted more than once?

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    1. Yes, that’s what I am planning to do. Freezing all eggs and defrosting the semen just once. However even on that day of the sperm is in good shape to be refrozen I’ll do that. Just in case ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just going through your blogs. It’s nice that they give you so many details. The system here is pretty closed mouthed. The first cycle I did I had none of this information and they don’t share any data, scans or medication names with you. They didn’t even allow my husband in during the procedure.


      2. Really?!? So how do you know what’s going on? Ours willingly gives information but I ask for more (print outs and photos) because it’s interesting to me.


      3. We don’t. We just have to go by with the understanding that the doctor knows her stuff. Quite frustrating sometimes. They told me my egg quality was bad. I asked for solutions to improve it they said nothing works. I did my own research and it seems some vitamins etc might work. But they don’t tell u this stuff


      4. Yes but I’m afraid I found out too late. I started on myo inositol, folic acid, vit E, C, D just a month ago. So this cycle may not see any visible difference. Hopefully next cycle would be better. Fingers crossed


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