Confusion Rules

Just day before I thought I had it all sorted out for the baby project phase 2. And then yesterday everything changed! I was all set to do my egg retrievals in Bangalore at the hospital where we did our first cycle. Meanwhile I was also talking to another doctor in Mumbai who comes with impeccable credentials and was a pioneer of IVF in India. She’s a friend of a friend and she was advising me in that capacity. Even though her advise contradicted with my current doctor often, I was pretty much decided that i’ll go with the one in Bangalore since she knew my history.

And then a discussion yesterday changed the whole plan! The basic problem I face is egg quality. Due to PCOD my eggs have a grainy cytoplasm reducing the chances of fertilization, growth, and implant. And even if it works and implant happens the chances of miscarriage due to chromosomal abnormalities are high. So my priority is to improve egg quality for which I was taking some supplements on my own and trying to lose weight. Now I had checked with my doctor here multiple times, and I even did it that day, but she’s consistently said nothing can be done to improve egg quality. Whatever research I had done said otherwise, and yesterday so did the doctor in Mumbai.

And if I have a chance of getting better quality eggs in Mumbai then that’s where I am going. So after a whole day’s debate, discussion and agonizing over the choices I had to make, I booked my tickets to Mumbai. I’ll be meeting my new doctor on Monday and we’ll hopefully start the treatment asap.

It still leaves a lot of questions. The sperm is still stored in Bangalore. Are there chances it might get destroyed if I transfer it to Mumbai? Then should I do egg retrieval in Mumbai and Embryo Transfer in Bangalore? If I plan that; will my Bangalore doctor agree to the ET when the ER hasn’t happened with her? So many questions and no answers. I guess i’ll have to take it one decision at a time like everything else I am doing. For now, Mumbai it is!


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