The Mumbai Soujourn

I arrived at Mumbai yesterday. It was a horrid day. I had terrible stomach cramps and wasn’t looking forward to the travel. Plus the prospect of doing this alone wasn’t appealing. Perhaps the stress of the whole thing had contributed to the acidity – I really wonder if my ulcers are back or is this just a side effect of a pill I am on? The hot flashes, nausea and cold sweat didn’t help either. Felt a little better after 2 Omez and some nice cool Lassi.

Arrived late at night. Now housed at a cousin’s place. Already missing my little niece, the 10 days spent with her and my sis were wonderful. Will leave for the appointment in an hour or so.

I don’t know why I am writing in this strange staccato!

Mumbai is hot and humid unlike the pleasant coolness of Bangalore. Not my favorite weather, but definitely one of my favorite cities. The heat gets in to my head and I’m not looking forward to stepping out in the afternoon. But this is what I came here for, so better get it started.┬áToday will only be check ups I guess, and based on that the doctor will decide on the treatment plan. I’m pretty much decided that I am staying here for the egg retrieval, but it’ll be finalized after the meeting today.

How I wish you were here G. We could have visited our familiar haunts – had brown dal and fulkas in Himachal mess, downed a beer at Mondegar’s and just sat around on Band Stand watching the sea. Everything is so meaningless now. I don;t think we were meant to do stuff alone. And that’s why I am trying so hard to bring you back. You better cooperate!!!

Miss you terribly!


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