Remembering G: Dirty Dancing

No one could say that G was a dancer. But once sloshed, he danced like a man possessed. And then he’d drag everyone on the dance floor. The last time we danced was in July at the big family reunion. That was the only time in the 15 years I have known him that he danced without drinking (so a little less crazy :)).

Before that the craziest dancing was this April at a beach shack in Goa. I wasn’t drinking that day, and he was so high! It was crazy dancing and I was scared of serious injury to my person… Lol! He was wearing those lit hair bows that local vendors sell on the beach – 2 of them – one on his head and one in his neck; making lewd faces and gyrating away with our decade old friends. I was clicking pictures, trying to avoid flying arms and legs, and basically laughing away. Then he caught hold of me and proceeded to do his version of Jazz with the dips and twists and leggy stuff! It was crazy!

When I met him, I had already put in 8 years in to learning Kathak – a classical Indian dance. Salsa had just become popular in India that time and I wanted to go take classes with him. So we went and signed up at a studio and promptly arrived for our first class. The instruction started and G decided not to follow it, he completely ignored the instructor and did steps that he felt were appropriate for salsa. If I tried to correct him, he ignored me too and continued his own stuff. But it’s a couples dance right – so we had to do turns. And that’s when the disaster happened. He turned the wrong way, pulling me, I turned the other way and as the turn completed his elbow came and hit my jaw!!! The impact was so strong that I had tears in my eyes and my jaw was blue for a week! Obviously we never went back to that class again, or any other for that matter!

The this-is-not-dancing streak continued and in college we made fun of the way these guys danced. For G there was even a name invented for his style – tortoise – I don’t know why someone came up with it ’cause there was nothing SLOW about the way he danced! Still, he went with a college team to a college fest in IIM A. They entered a dance competition. They chose the raunchiest song doing rounds that time, made one of the boys dress up as a woman, and just did a lot of tongue lolling, hip swinging, and pelvic thrusts on stage. The whole performance was so naturally chhapri that it embodied the essence of the song. THEY WON!!! It was completely unrehearsed, impromptu, and I think the reason they won is because they were in their element with dirty dancing.

So after this of course I wasn’t allowed to tell him that he couldn’t dance. Who had one the competition? He had. Did I ever take home a first prize in dance? No. So who’s a better dancer? He is. And so dirty dancing became the norm, and we lived happily…

Yes, there is no ever after here. Just memories, and I’m trying to document the happiest ones.


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