The case of unsuspecting morons

I’m being harassed. And i’m having a very strong physical reaction to it. I am shaking as I write this. It’s been 15 minutes since I got off a call with an annoying banker, and I’m still shaking. This is the 2nd time it’s happened in just 2 days. Yesterday it was a call with a moron of a doctor and today this banker.

It’s never happened to me before.

I don’t know how to control it.

Here is how it happened:

Scene 1: Moronic Doctor

Yesterday, I called up the Bangalore clinic where I did my first round of IVF and asked them to share a copy of the file they had maintained about the drugs that were given me, and the consent from G & I. The doctor who spoke to me is the junior most in the team there, but she is the one to manage all patient communication. And she sucks at it. We never liked her, but G was patient and he calmed me down. She never listened to you and never answered any questions. And spoke in one hell of an annoying tone of voice.

Anyway, so I ask her for the file and here is a summary of the discussion:

Annoying Doctor (AD): Which file do you want. We have already given you all the records. Discharge summary has all records. What more do you want now? There is nothing else we provide. If you’ve lost your records we can’t do anything. 

ME:  I haven’t lost anything

AD: Then what else is there. You can just use those reports

ME: I don’t want those reports. I want the file that was maintained with the record of injections

AD: No we don’t give that. That’s only for internal purposes. We maintain it as per <name of some regulation>. What do you want from there? It is no use to you.

ME: (getting annoyed, but still patient) It’s not about use. I just want a copy of the file. It’s my record after all!

AD: No I can’t just give it like that. I have to check with Dr. <name of senior doc>. We are so busy here. We don’t have time to do all this.

ME: (starting to shake) Please check with her, follow all procedure you want. If needed I can also speak to <senior doctor>. I’m just saying I need the file, and I’ll get it.

AD: (Some mumbo jumbo about checking etc.)

When I put down the phone I was violently shaking, had a high heart rate, and couldn’t breathe well. I called G’s brother and told him to handle this because I can’t. One more task for the poor soul!

Scene 2: Irritating Bankers

I told you about the wealth manager who was after my life to invest G’s life insurance claim? Well I finally silenced him a few weeks ago. But this bank would not let up! The local manager of the branch in which I have an account called up today. He wanted to know where I got the money from! What’s that got to do with him? It’s a completely legal, documented transaction. How can you just pick up the phone and ask your customers what transactions they are making and why! If some information is legally required, they need to send me an official communication. I found it highly inappropriate, and anyway I don’t want to discuss that money, so I refused to give him any information. It’s my personal matter. Stay away!

Within a few minutes I got another call. This time from the Zonal manager, asking the same inane questions. Hello! Anyone has any inkling of legal procedure? Privacy issues? How can you ask me questions unofficially. To this one I gave a piece of my mind (and also unwittingly gave away the source of the money), and told him that if I got another call from his people asking about my transactions i’ll file a complaint and take legal action. If he wants any information, he needs to send me an official mail and I will check the legal requirements and then respond to it. Obviously no email has come. I still have a fair mind to file a complaint for harassment and mental trauma!

Needless to say, violent shaking resumed. My fingers are still trembling.


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