He’ll never pick up his calls again!

When he was here, I called him 5-10 times a day. When I was walking, or just bored, or had a question, or a new idea, or just wanting to talk to him i’d pick up the phone and dial his number. We’d talk random stuff, just time pass, gossiped, laughed… When I wasn’t calling him (or he wasn’t calling me) we’d chat – either sms or whatsapp. He’d poke me on Facebook and leave messages for me. But calls were the main connect through the day and on days when he was away on work.¬†We made life plans on the phone! In person we were comfortable in silence.

When I go about my day now, I think what I miss most is those calls. When I am driving, or trying to get something done, or sitting and waiting in hospitals, all I want to do is call him. And tell him how bored I am, or how things are bugging me, or just how much I miss him. But I can’t! Even just calling his phone doesn’t work anymore, because I know no one is going to pick up… ever! And I don’t like it… not one bit. I wish he’d pick up once and say “Kya kar raha hai bey“!

I don’t wanna be without him! I want him back or I want to just go with him. This is not fair… I didn’t deserve this! Why must he leave me to suffer! Not fair, not fair, not fair!

Someone tell him to pick up that phone. Please………


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