The baby project phase II – Kickstart

My period started yesterday after 4 days of agonizing wait. So I hopped over to the hospital ready to start the treatment. The scan this time was very painful, but anyway, the deed was done and treatment plan prepared. For the first day they gave me:

  1. Cetrotide 0.25mg
  2. Recagon 150IU
  3. Menopur 150IU

I’m supposed to continue 2 & 3 for the next 5 days when another scan is due. They explained how to inject myself, but I don’t think I am brave enough to poke myself in the stomach with a needle. The ones they gave are already making my skin bruise :(. So i’ll be headed there again for the dose. This is the first time i’ve know what drugs I’m getting. No such transparency the last time!

Also unlike my previous clinic, they give the injections in the evening. So I had to wait quite a bit to get my first set. It was late evening by the time I got home. I finished some office stuff and went to meet some friends. After a nice chat and dinner, I was home by 11:00pm. All was well till then and I went off to sleep after writing the last post.

It was around 1:00 am that the pain started. Severe burning and stabbing pains in my stomach and back. I broke out in cold sweat and I was shivering. I got up to drink some water and almost fell over in a fit of dizziness. And then I puked – over & over again. Till I think there wasn’t even water left inside. The burning ache continued. Thankfully I had some Omez capsules in my bag. I took one that went out in another bout of puking. Took another and propped myself up with pillows to stop the burn from spreading. Around 4:00am the pain subsided and I was able to sleep.

I am scared that my ulcers are coming back. Scared not because they hurt like hell, but because they are a sign of stress. I cannot be stressed. And I cannot be stressed in a way that impacts my body. Because if the stress is creating lacerations inside my body, it’s not going to let that embryo implant.

And that’s not acceptable! Any de-stressing tips?


2 thoughts on “The baby project phase II – Kickstart

  1. This doesn’t sound good. You do need to unwind a bit, even find some distractions. What can those be? Not work. That is for sure. Not family. They can be trying. Not the bankers and the doctors back home 🙂 They are a bunch of idiots. Try walking down places like Bhatwadi. Can you dig out the printing press Raja Ravi Verma set up in Bhatwadi? Can you find the guy who sells 99 varieties of papad (including one infused with bhang) around there? Walk around the Kala Ghoda area. Can you see the building where the Lumiere Brothers first showed their movie? The place where Dr Ambedkar wrote the first draft of the Indian Constitution? What were Charles Shobhraj’s favourite hangouts in that area? Where is the `talao’ in Dhobitalao? Can you make it to Yazdani (yes, a heritage bakery we love) for their hot pudding and Irani chai? Can you locate the marble slab in St Xavier’s College where your friend’s name is inscribed — it is reputed that this piece of marble is responsible for holding the entire building together 🙂 Can you take a bicycle ride through South Mumbai with C’mon, get out and walk. Get out and ride. Get out and dream.

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