3 months and counting

Today is 11th Nov – 3 months since he’s been gone. Today is also Diwali – the festival of lights. He was a Diwali enthusiast. He’d light up the whole house, get me to make some sweet dish to offer the gods, and pray to them with all fanfare. He’d go on to burst crackers and invite friends to play cards all night!

This year, we had planned a big Diwali party. We had been working too hard, losing touch with people, and it was time to change that. Who knew, this time i’ll be sitting alone in a different city, typing away stuff that’s just memories now!

Last year it was our nephew’s first Diwali, they have a pic, looking very cute in matching outfits. This year, it’s our niece’s – but he isn’t there. I’ve asked his brother to burst the big ladi G got every year (we still have one left from last year). I used to yell at him for making so much noise, I never thought I am going to miss it so much!

I don’t feel like writing anymore…

This festival of lights isn’t lighting up anything for me!


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