The baby project – a glitch

I have been away from this page for a while and a few things have happened in between. On the night of 5th Nov, I had met some old college friends and was missing him terribly. I got up in the middle of the night in agony, my stomach and back were hurting bad. I was afraid my peptic ulcers of a decade ago were back. On 6th I decided to go see my IVF doctor anyway and ask her about this. By afternoon, when I was about to reach the hospital, the pains were back. I popped in some more antacids, and waited to see her.

She wasn’t overly concerned about the acidity, but since I was visibly in pain, she asked me to go see a gastroenterologist (GE) across the road. I managed to get there and get a consultation, he advised some scans and blood tests, and looking at me asked me to get them done immediately. By the time I lugged my bag, by now feeling like a ton of bricks, back to the hospital across the road, I was breaking out in cold sweat. I marched to the emergency room and gave myself up to the ministrations there.

The nurses were sweet as they saw no one was with me. They put on a pain-killer and antacid IV and sent across blood samples for tests. I also called G’s brother to let him know that i’m in the hospital. I also had a sonography done and they discovered multiple gall stones and an inflammation of the gall bladder. By that time the nice GE was back to check on me. Looking at the reports he advised immediate admission. I was in no state to do otherwise, staying in the hospital seemed much wiser since there would be no one at home.

G’s brother called some relatives in Mumbai who came running to stay the night and finish the admission formalities. The pain killer had finally worked by 10:30pm and by 1:30am I slept. G’s brother flew in the next day (7th Nov) as the doc was advising a surgery. It was the day a year ago that we had opened the doors of our restaurant. And now instead of writing about that, I was stuck in this hospital bed with an IV stuck in my arm.

We didn’t want to opt for the surgery. We were on an unfamiliar turf. If I needed an operation I wanted to do it closer to home. But my IVF treatment was already on here; and I couldn’t interrupt it. So we decided to consult with the IVF doc and see if the GB removal can be postponed. She advised for it. Apparently the hormones they push in your system during the IVF cycles thicken the bile. And that can cause further complications if your gall bladder is already in a bad state. She said if I had another attack before egg retrieval, the cycle would have to be cancelled, because the consequences of going ahead could be life threatening. However, If I opted for surgery, the treatment would continue undisrupted.

What could be done?


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