He is around me

I might be in denial; but I still feel him around me.

  • I was sitting in my car with my niece and she didn’t like being cooped up like that. She cried and I wanted to step out to move around with her a bit. And then I saw him walking around. He was bouncing her, and she was laughing.
  • I saw him playing with our baby. Lying on our bed in a light blue jeans and a grey T-shirt. He was counting toes and fingers and cooing to him.
  • I saw him when I was lying on that hospital bed at night. I was cold and he came and tucked me in.
  • I saw him when I was walking alone one morning, he was there by my side grinning away.
  • I was home a while away, unable to really sleep, and he turned around and hugged me.

When I see him everywhere, how can he be gone? I don’t get it!!!

Why don’t you come and hold my hand baby? I miss you so much. Don’t make me cry so much. Please…


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