Remembering G: The bike rides in the rain

I hear it’s been raining in Bangalore this past week while I swelter in the Mumbai heat. But rains in Bangalore have lost their charm too. It was 15 years ago that rains were such a part of our lives! It’s strange to think that we stopped noticing them entirely but for the traffic and flooding nuisance they create.

In the year 2000, when I arrived in Bangalore, the city still boasted a foliage cover, around the year pleasant weather, and rains that came like clockwork – in designated months, at designated times. I stayed in a 1 bedroom space behind G’s house, and since we were in the same college, he was my ride (We shared petrol, at 1 liter per day, costing us INR 37 every alternate day!). Our college was 23 Kms away from where we stayed (in the outskirts of Bangalore) and the road was double lane, with a tree canopy lining most of the way. It was like going for a picnic everyday! There were also many make out hide-aways where we spent quite a bit of time in 🙂

Every year in May it started raining. And strangely, it’d be clouded or even sunny in the day, but inevitably around 5 in the evening till 7-8 it’ll rain. The exact time frame it took us to leave college and get home. Needless to say we were drenched most of the days. And it would get cold, the rainy needles would prick our faces, and the cold wind would get inside our clothes. Obviously, I snuggled in closer and warmed my hands in his jacket pockets. While some days an annoyance, at that age a bike ride in the rain was super exciting. We’d burst in to songs, create parodies of songs with chattering teeth, and laugh away at everything. Those were our best days – we were young, starry eyed in love, and the world was a beautiful place.

For a while we’d descend in to a dark period, but we didn’t know it then. And nothing mattered more than another song, another hug, or a stolen kiss on the road when no one was watching!


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