The baby project – Phase II: First Egg Retrieval

After scans on Friday it was decided that I was ready for a retrieval on Sunday. So I was called to the hospital at midnight for the trigger shot that’ll release the eggs for pickup in the next 36 hours. After taking the shot at 12:30am Friday I was scheduled for surgery on Sunday afternoon.

Arrived at the hospital on Sunday morning and got admitted. At 12:00 I was prepped and taken to the OT. A cousin of G’s also accompanied me. The retrieval went without incident and they were able to get 15 eggs, of which 11 were good quality. We froze those for the final step. I was hoping for more, but well, they say quality matters more than quantity. I might have to now do 3 cycles instead of just 2. Let’s see.

I was to be discharged the same day, but decided to wait the night in the hospital as I had to get my other surgical dressing changed the next day. Since I’d already paid for the room traveling an unnecessary 50Km wasn’t appealing. So we stayed the night, and planned to leave the next day when the dressing was changed.

G’s cousin left after I was out of the Anesthesia grogginess – around 4 in the evening. He’s already spent the whole day ferrying us around. And mom stayed back with me.┬áThat’s when the trouble started.

My mom is not used to getting anything done outside her hometown. She only knows how stuff works there and tends to hyperventilate everywhere. Though she tries hard to help, it doesn’t work. We had applied for mediclaim this time, and the TPA asked some questions. Now mom didn’t know where to go get them answered and slowly her anxiety started building up. Soon she was accusing me of not having anything in place, not following any process, and generally not knowing how stuff is done properly. I was already in pain and really didn’t want to get in to this discussion.

The same rant continued the next day when they couldn’t find the doctor who was supposed to change my dressing. She was worried they’ll charge me for another day for the room if I don’t get it done and get out quickly. Meanwhile, I had to get up and run around for my own discharge, claim papers, payments etc. and I was exhausted. Maybe I am weak, but the point that I wouldn’t have to lift a finger, nor listen to this tirade, if G was around was constantly on my mind.

Finally we were able to leave the hospital around 2:00pm and I was really feeling sick by that time. So I refused to utter a word and just kept mum the whole way home. The cab we took had a funny smell to it, and I was mostly fighting off nausea. I held on till the cab stopped in our apartment complex but couldn’t go more than a couple of steps after that. I puked and had to sit near a hedge till the fit was over, and groggily walked home.

Exhaustion had completely taken over by then. I brushed my teeth, had a banana and took my afternoon meds and then crashed out only to get up in the late evening.

But at least things are moving now. I have to be back here in Jan for the next retrieval, till then I can let my body rest.

Looking forward to going home!


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