Back in Bangalore

After the adventurous trip to Mumbai, I am back in Bangalore. Not feeling too great. Waves of nausea keep hitting me, and I don’t know what’s happening. The weather here is quite chilly and I’m not able to adjust immediately.

I know that unless my stomach settles i’ll be pretty useless at everything else. I went to office today, but all I could think of was – don’t puke, don’t puke, don’t puke. Also, going to office didn’t make me feel too good :(. It was strange actually, somehow not like my place. This hadn’t happened earlier anytime when I had come back. This time, there was some strange feeling. I can’t describe it. I just didn’t feel like being there. I probably walked in at the wrong moment, everyone anyway is overburdened with work because i’ve been absent for a long while. Or maybe I am just too sensitive. Strange, I think, is the right word.

Still sat around for a bit and managed to hold my food in. But it’s been hours since i’ve been home and still the nausea hasn’t settled. I’ve taken all my meals and medicines. Perhaps it’s the water? Or the weather? Or bumpy roads?

I ran around Mumbai to get some brun pav for some friends here, the plan was to go give it to them today. Had to skip it, because the thought of the trip was unbearable! Perhaps i’ll make a dash to their place tomorrow morning? It’ll be a shame to have those pav’s go waste.

I just hope the tummy cooperates tomorrow! There is so much to be done!


One thought on “Back in Bangalore

  1. From the last dozen odd posts, it is evident that you need rest. Just sit back — and finish that wonderful brun pav. Don’t let it go waste 🙂
    PS: brun pav tastes great in cold weather.

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