Feeling the pinch

I just booked my flights for a friend’s wedding that I have to attend. It left me poorer by INR15k. And I noticed. There was a time when I wouldn’t have blinked an eye at this. When G was with me money didn’t seem like a big issue. We didn’t have any that time either – spent every rupee we ever earned – but there was this confidence that we’ll find money when we need it.

I’m not so confident anymore!

With the events of the past few months, i’ve started to feel the pinch. I feel guilty of not contributing to work yet drawing a salary. I am unable to put in practice any of the ideas that we were constantly working on – something that might be a source of income later on. And the expenses just keep mounting up.

The gall bladder removal cost me quite a bit -I’ve applied for a mediclaim and hope I recover it! I’ve been paying through my nose for flights for all the travel i’ve had to do in the past few months. Then there are the IVF expenses – by no means affordable – and now living in a new city costs are added to them!

I wouldn’t have thought twice about this, but if I tally up the amounts from the past 3 months – it’s staggering – going up in 7 figures now. This when I haven’t done anything that we did earlier – no parties, no going out, no alcohol. Just medicines, hospital bills, flights and some pending investment payments.

I’m feeling the pinch now. And I’m worried. I can’t sit back and relax anymore, work needs to get done and money has to be made. I don’t want to be in a situation where someone else has to provide for me. Especially since I’m planning this baby – which is going to bring it’s own set of expenses.

It’s time to get going…


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