Getting ready for a party

19th Dec 1982 – G was born

19th Dec 2010 – We were married

19th Dec 2015 – He’d be 33 and this would be our 5th wedding anniversary

Of course there is a party, why-ever-not! It’s his loss that he’s not there. Gonna miss out on all that alcohol.

The invites have been sent (designed personally – long live powerpoint), people have accepted, and preparations will start soon.

Last year, he’d asked a very dear friend of ours to bake a cake for us. This year, no cake. I don’t want one. He isn’t there to cut it anyway. But what we lack in cake shall be made up in food and drinks. Veritable rivers of alcohol shall flow – so what if I can’t drink – and no one shall leave sober.

For catering I think i’ll reach out to our own restaurant – not so our own now, but still the bond remains. I’m thinking an assortment of Kebabs and biryani.

Music always stumps me – no idea what people might like. I have to designate someone to take care of it this time! Can’t have a party flop because of bad music :/

I might be flippant about this, but some tears are expected. So tissues will be in good supply. But I hope to get some good anecdotes about him, more stories to cherish, more memories 🙂

Be there G; you are invited too. Promise we won’t get spooked 🙂


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