Remembering G: Marriage Registration

Did I ever mention that we were commitment phobic? That perhaps why it took us 10 years to get married. And yet, we only got married the Hindu way; it took us another 3 years to actually go to the marriage registrar and get it legally entered in records!

He had all the documentation ready, the only thing needed was to get to the office and sign in that register. Now thinking back I wonder what took us so long! The consolation is that we did it. At least there is some legal paper that has both our names together – they missed it out in the death certificate.

We went to the Registrar’s office one afternoon; with family, and put in our application. By that time our wedding photo was so dated that they made us go and get a new one clicked. We were not even wearing nice clothes and I hadn’t even brushed my hair! So we ended up looking like a bunch of loonies in the one document that declared us man and wife!

But finally, after waiting, bribing, photo clicking etc. the signing was done and we were official. I don’t think we even went for a celebration dinner :). But those days life was busy. We had more important things to do. And a relationship milestone didn’t feature high in priorities. It’s true that the mistakes we make come back to haunt us.

Today – after less than 2 years – I am headed to the same office. This time to register a memorial trust in his name. Irony?

It’s sure not going to be a good trip!


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