A much awaited wedding

A very old (12 years and counting) friend of ours just got married. The last one to bite the dust :).

He met G at a call center. G was working there while we were at college to supplement is pocket money – that boy had this urge to make money! And he never shied away from back breaking work. So he’d go to college in the morning, come back and sleep a bit, and then run off to his night shift. And that’s where he met 2 people who’d become his friends for life.

G was crazy about weddings – he never missed any! Even if he got the invite a day before, he’d be there. No matter where it was. But he couldn’t make it this time…

His friend was engaged on 8th Aug, 3 days before G breathed his last. He was making plans to have a beach wedding at G’s dream project site. So we didn’t go for the engagement thinking that the wedding is going to happen in our backyard anyways. I think we should have gone. Well in hindsight I think there are so many things we SHOULD have done, but didn’t.

Anyways, the wedding day arrived, obviously the beach plans were cancelled and the couple opted for a court marriage instead followed by a reception dinner. Even though G wasn’t there, we made up in numbers. I attended, so did his brother and sister in law, my mom went too and so did my sister. And we dressed up, we drank, and talked, and teased and had fun. We missed him… because really, not even all of us together are as much fun as he was.

Still, it was a much needed celebration. Something to take away the constant weight of sadness. A step towards accepting that life does move on. Perhaps the sooner the better…


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