Someone is out to get me

It’s another one of those sleepless nights where no matter what you do, slumber eludes you. I’ve tried deep breathing, relaxing exercises, reading – nothing seems to work. So i’m left with no option but to stare at the ceiling and think over the events of the past few months.

It’s clear that someone is out to get me!

  1. I lost my best friend of 15 years and husband of 4.5 in an accident – I don’t even get a chance to say goodbye.
  2. I lost the babies we were making together – washed out with some blood.
  3. I lost an organ – it was either that or give up the baby project
  4. I lost myself – this person functioning on a day to day basis is not me
  5. I lost liquidity – big money troubles are seen looming on the horizon
  6. I lost my sense of security – life is scary, and he’s no longer looking out for me
  7. I lost my credit card – well technically it was hacked and some unauthorized transactions were done, so I had to block it.

And finally, if all this was not enough, yesterday my car got hit by a truck. No damage to my person, minor damage to car, but it sent creepy crawlies up my neck. I just imagined his car in my head, and couldn’t get it to go away.

Indians talk about Nazar – the evil eye. My family believes that all this is happening to me because someone cast an evil eye on me. And even when I don’t believe in such superstitions, I now know how people start believing in them. Trust me, regardless of what I believe, before I go for my next egg retrieval i’m getting someone to ward it off!


2 thoughts on “Someone is out to get me

    1. I hope so. Well giving to the needy isn’t a problem. I’ve always believed in doing something to help those who need it. But the strange thing then is that earlier this year both G&I organised a drive to pack 10,000 meals for the needy. We put in substantial funds in it too. But still everything seems to be going wrong 😦

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