Remembering G – the guardian angel

G&I had clicked as friends even before we started dating. He took the responsibility of watching over me and did his duty for 15 years without fail.

He was there to do everything I needed done, kept an eye out for people who may be bothering me, fed me, took care of me when I was under the weather, spoke to me for hours when I felt homesick.

In the first year of college I stayed in a hostel. We only had one phone in the common area and it was really difficult to get any phone time (no one had mobiles then!). So he’d call me at 2 in the night when everyone had slept off, and we’ll talk till morning. Silly stuff, sharing stories from our past, talking about random happenings, gossiping about classmates. It was fun, and no one really needed to sleep then.

In the 2nd year of college I moved out of the hostel and promptly fell ill. I had peptic ulcers and boy did they hurt! Before I could fly home for the treatment, I suffered for many days in Bangalore. G took me home to his parents house – and it must’ve been really odd then – and kept me there. He gave up his room for me, but would sit with me day and night to somehow help me with the pain. His mom gave me some traditional medicine, they made special food for me, took me to the doctor, booked my flights and sent me home. No one other than mom had ever done that for me!

We finished college and I had to go join my post graduate course in Mumbai. Till that time it wasn’t sure that G is also joining the same program. I was in Jaipur, and not looking forward to the Mumbai trip alone. He came 52 hours in a train, from Bangalore to Jaipur to escort me to Mumbai. That’s another 18 hours of journey. And then he dropped me back home and went to Bangalore! It was crazy! Flights were a luxury those days, and we couldn’t afford them.┬áHe travelled so much just so that I wouldn’t be alone.

And he never complained – ever. He was always laughing, no matter how bad the situation was. And i’m not glorifying it in retrospect; it’s just true.

After MBA, we’d had a fallout and we thought we’ll never get back together again. I was in a bad shape for a multitude of things, and really depressed. Even though we had parted ways, he came to Jaipur when he heard my condition. He came to offer support and help. To say he’ll help me do anything I want. He couldn’t see me crying.

And now he’s left me to cry for who knows how long. You better still be watching over me you ass. Otherwise I don’t know how i’ll get by!


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