An ordinary love

We weren’t soulmates, nor did we have a syrupy sweet romance that you see in movies. We were ordinary people with an ordinary love. We didn’t sing love songs, or shout out our love from mountain tops. We found comfort in each other and were stronger together. We didn’t mouth empty phrases, but our love was evident in the things we did for each other. We didn’t sacrifice, we compromised. We weren’t in an eternal state of bliss; most of our days were unremarkable.

It was because it was so ordinary that our love was a part of our lives. Perhaps because it was a part of our lives, it was not apparent to us. Everyone who knew us, knew that we loved each other. We didn’t know it. We had grown so comfortable with the idea of each other, that love wasn’t a part of the conversation anymore.

But the beauty of love is in ordinary, unremarkable things.

It’s in letting your partner sleep for that extra 10 minutes. It’s in making a cup of tea as a way of saying sorry. It’s in placing your warm feet on their cold ones, so they may be warmer too. It’s in doing laundry, folding clothes, and curing headaches. It’s in sending that message to check if all is well. It’s in worrying for them when they are late. It’s in giving them a piece of your mind.

Love is different for the young – it’s hotblooded, passionate, and all consuming. Not everyone can sustain young love. People change, passion dies, and the spark is lost. We were lucky to find our spark in day to day¬†things. We were lucky to have 15 years in which to grow together. We were lucky to be ordinary.

But just because that love is steeped in everything we did, it so much harder to get over it. Strange, isn’t it? Finding it difficult to get over something that was out of sight? Every little thing reminds me of him and how he would have done it. I don’t have a few moments of extraordinary brilliance to put behind me. I have to deal with my life and every little thing in it.

Not going to be easy!


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