Remembering G: When he shot me

Finally a pic of G (second from left in a red tee) and I (4th from right in capris). Sorry folks, not ready to reveal more than this right now.

This was a fun afternoon at a sports arena; spent indulging in archery, rock climbing and paintball. The paintball was when he shot me, breaking skin, leaving a scar I still carry, and making my arm horribly discolored for weeks.

It was all done in good fun, just that the gear provided by the management wasn’t good enough protection. Notice that the jackets are sleeveless. So when G was in hot pursuit trying to eliminate me, he ended up aiming one at just on the top of my arm – not protected by the jacket. It hit home, and hit hard. I didn’t wanna be a sissy and cry, but just look at it! 478067_10151664155453714_2039479741_o.jpg

Obviously the minute he noticed that I was hit bad, he dropped everything to come and check on me. Poor thing felt so bad! But he also didn’t want to acknowledge that he’d caused me so much pain, so he said “don’t worry, it’ll get better, and blah blah”. It didn’t. In fact because we didn’t go to the doctor immediately, it got infected. And my whole arm turned a sickening yellow and blue. Finally he had to agree that something was wrong and he took me to a clinic.

That’s when we found that explaining this would be hilarious. The doc had never heard of paintball. He asked me how I got this wound. And I started saying well G shot me… and didn’t go beyond that. The doc’s face was a study! You could see him weigh his options – should I call the police, should I shoo off these mad people. Anyways, so we hastened to explain that I was shot with a paintball and not intentionally and that it was a game. He didn’t buy it. He suspiciously asked how it looked like, and why would people be playing such games at all!

After tut tutting a bit he declared that there was infection and I must get some injections and antibiotics and get this cleaned up well. G kept muttering that it’s not infected and that the doc is just making a big deal. It was so funny to see him trying to justify it. Well he really hadn’t done it intentionally, and after this happened a friend had hit him with a barrage of paintballs at very close range to take revenge. So after all no one was at fault.

I’m glad now that he shot me. I still have the scar, and it’s like a memory tattooed on my skin. Of that fun afternoon, and the cool drinks and lovely lunch after. Of good times we had and craziness we got up to. I’m glad for all that time we did have together.

Will you come back baby? For old time’s sake?


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