Today was the day he flew

Our anniversary is approaching and perhaps I am dreading it. But strangely, we got on to celebrations a tad ahead of time. It was usually the 15th of Dec – i.e. the date today – that we planned something. We weren’t able to do anything last year because of the restaurant, but the year before that we went to Kabini and stayed in a beautiful Jungle Resort. And the year before that I gifted him a microlight flying experience.

Flying a plane wasn’t a very common thing in India then – even though it was just 3 years ago. I wanted to give him something unique – something that will be a lasting memory, and I was going crazy deciding what it could be. At that time he’d taken to playing a flight simulation on the iPad. He was at it day and night, just crazy about the plane. It was impossible to get him off it and have a conversation or even a moment :/. And then it struck me – what if I get him a chance to fly a real plane!

So I set about looking for it, and finally found a company that arranged these experiences. I booked one for 15th Dec and managed to keep it a secret till we arrived at the aerodrome. Believe me, that was tough for me! The company had arranged a BMW pickup from the city so we drove down and got in to the car. All the while he kept trying to guess what it is. Since we were going towards the airport he thought it’s an impromptu trip. Then almost close to the location he thought i’m going to take him to drive a monster truck. He wouldn’t give up guessing. I was bursting with excitement, and would have spilled the beans but I managed not to.

When we rolled up to the hanger and he saw the microlight, his expression was priceless. There was just one catch. The plane could hold just 2. So it had to be him and the instructor. I couldn’t go up with them. I was fine with it, and enjoyed a nice tea they had laid out for us while he got it, learned the controls and flew around for 40 minutes. He was beaming when he came down :).

We had some munchies then, and got back on the car to be treated with some champagne and strawberries and cream. He didn’t know there was another surprise in place. I had finally managed to arrange a party that he had absolutely no clue about. A key was given to a friend to come and deck up the place while we were gone. Food, booze and cake had been ordered. People were instructed to arrive before us. I had to do some delaying tactics to make sure everyone was in before we reached. They had turned off the lights and were waiting to pounce on him yelling “Surprise!”. But, smart as our friends are (:p) they had parked their cars right outside our house. And observant as G was, he noticed them. And he’s like, hey what are these cars doing here, is there a party? So the yelling surprise part didn’t work, but boy did we party! It was awesome fun, everyone was high, glasses were broken, cops turned up, and we went on till wee hours in the morning.

A very memorable day indeed. And I’m glad I have this to remember. Im sure he never forgot this experience. And wherever he is right now, I’m sure he compares it to the view from that Microlight.

Can you see me waving baby?


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