5 years today

19th Dec 2015

It’s his 33rd birthday today and our 5th wedding anniversary. Just one difference – he isn’t there anymore. So it’s just a meaningless date now, overshadowed by a darker, more ominous one in August.

It’s just after 12:00 in the night as I sit writing this. Barely able to see the screen. I don’t even know what to write. It’ll soon be day, and people will start coming in to help me prepare for the evening. I’m having a party you see.

Sorry, I don’t think this post is going anywhere… goodnight.


One thought on “5 years today

  1. Soup, let this be the point from whereon you let go of His physical presence. We’ve all raised a glass to G tonight and his memories fill our hearts.

    I don’t claim to know how you feel right now, but i do know he would have liked you to go on, and live out his legacy of just doing it…

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