Hair tales

In this past month my hair has been falling off in clumps. I just have to pass a hand through and a bunch comes off. And it’s worse when I wash it. It’s a miracle that any are left on my head at all!

So today I thought of taking a drastic measure – going short. Just on the go I decided to do it and ended up at bblunt. Not a place I usually go to. It’s way off my normal route. I had got a haircut here almost a year ago, last November. G & I had gone together and he sat patiently throughout talking to me, offering opinion on the length etc., while the cut happened. That was the first time I’d cut my hair that short.

It’s a nice little salon, done up with quirky things lying about and framed bollywood movie posters. We had just opened our restaurant then, and were busy taking cues from this decor. It was a fun visit – at least for me!

And now a year later I was there again. This time to try and save my hair and without him. The stylist was different from last time – of course a year had gone by! And when I told him I wanted a shorter cut he suggested the same thing that I had got done earlier! Apparently nothing else would suit my face. As I sat there listening to the scissors go snip, snip, it was deja vu. And I could almost feel him sitting behind me, watching as the hair fell away.

It’s strange how just whims can take you down the memory ┬álane. Why did I decide to get a haircut? Why did I go out of my way to THAT salon? Why was it that only that hairstyle was suitable? Is it all just a trick of fate to remind me of things that we did together?┬áDo I need a reminder?

I remember the last time I got this cut, everyone at home was shocked. My mom and mom-in-law were visibly upset that I had shorn off my nice locks. I hid behind G, and he said he liked it that way – even when I knew he preferred long hair. I’ve done it again baby. How do I look?


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