One of those days… or should I say weeks?

Advance warning. This is going to be a crib post, where all I am going to do is crib about my day and how nothing seems to go right. Which is generally the case with my life right now. I do feel i’m going a little crazy, but that’s something to talk about another day.

Mom left on 21st, and just before her cab pulled up, we had a horrible fight. The aftereffects of that are still lingering, so predictably I have been in a blah mood. And then yesterday, the drains in my house decided to clog and I spend a good portion of 2 hours scooping drain water. Not an ideal way to start your day. Not when what you like is a nice cup of tea, and instead have to deal with drain water.

And then out of the blue I decided to get a haircut. If I had stopped at that perhaps it’d have been ok. But no, I had to get a smoothing also and try a weird organic treatment. It left my hair a funny shade of brown that I don’t like at all! Perhaps G would have liked it – he liked brown hair. But perhaps not on my skin tone. Well, did you have a hand in it honey? Who knows what you are puppeteering from up there!

Anyway, so I woke up with all this baggage and guess what I took up bright and early? Some more formalities to be completed for him. More forms and paperwork that I cannot make head or tail of. But it’s a long time pending; almost 4 months. So I had to get it done; not that I was able to! As the say, the best laid plans of mice, men and women. Almost before I started I knew I was doomed to fail. I’ve never been good at paperwork. G did all of it for me. God! aren’t you all bored of hearing all that G did for me? Makes me wonder if I did anything at all!

But back to the forms, so the first thing was to print them, and halfway through it my printer collapsed. It kept flashing an error message “paper jam” when for the life of me I couldn’t see any paper in it. I tried everything I could, short of hitting it with a bat, but it didn’t work. And then I tried HP support. Instead of listening to my problem they first wanted me to play 20 questions, I chose not to.

While this was going on I was struggling with 2 more issues (I’d already given up on the forms). One about my mediclaim for the recent surgery and two about my PF. They needed more paperwork and more followup too and I was exhausted after what seemed like zillions of phone calls and emails. It was bewildering that even after a whole day’s effort nothing was DONE. Not one item I could scratch off the to-do list I’ve been keeping.

Then thankfully a friend came to the rescue. He send a local repair guy he knew who fixed my printer. He spoke to the hospital about the documents I needed and an hour or so ago I finally got an email from them. And hopefully that’ll sort out some stuff!

Did I tell you I cried buckets when the printer stopped working? That’s the crazy part. I sobbed like a kid when you take away the candy. Big, fat drops of tears and hiccups. You’d think I was reliving August all over again. And then an hour or so later I was hysterical with laughter. A friend called to talk about a book I’d shared and just talking about it made me laugh till my sides hurt. If that’s not crazy I don’t know what is.

Perhaps tomorrow would be better. One day at a time. One day at a time.


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