7 resolutions to tighten the purse strings

A while ago I wrote about being short on the money front and how I was feeling the pinch. Well things haven’t changed much and so I’ve had no choice but to tighten the purse strings.

When G was around we never bothered about money. We were confident that what we need to spend will come from somewhere. So we spent thousands without thinking twice – on evenings out, on shopping sprees, on impulse buys and what nots. I had no idea how much things cost. In the bills it was always one amount payable and we never bothered to check individual prices. Sadly, I still don’t know it; but I am determined to learn.

By ethnicity I am a Marwari – a community from Rajasthan, teased by others as being exceptionally stingy. And strangely I splurged a lot. Like really, my expenses were totally unjustified. I didn’t know how to bargain. I couldn’t buy from sales. I couldn’t search for a cheaper option. If I liked something, I bought. If I went out with people I paid. Money seemed like a trivial thing. Funny how from not wanting to talk about money I am doing so much of it.

The point is, my spending is excessive. And something needs to be done about it really quick. I know I have the Marwari gene in me somewhere. It just needs to be activated for the whole new stingy me. I’ve taken some steps already and identified major areas where I can save:

  1. No shopping – I have enough clothes and shoes to last me a long long time. It’s time to stop adding more to the pile.
  2. Grocery essentials only – Goodbye chips and canned stuff and soft drinks, I’m not buying you any more. Just buy staples that are needed for regular home made food.
  3. No eating out – This’ll help me get back to my diet that I’ve been neglecting for a while
  4. No parties – Done with the last party I ever want to give. No more.
  5. Save on cosmetics – Already got a haircut, shorter hair means lesser shampoo. No more buying new cosmetics except the essential cleaning stuff.
  6. No more travel – Except for the IVF treatment I won’t be traveling anywhere anytime soon. I’ve booked 23 flights in the last few months. I think I am done for a few years now.
  7. Iron clothes at home – Minor expense I think, but can be saved. With G gone there isn’t much laundry to do. I think I can iron stuff once a week and save on this too.

Mulling over growing veggies at home too. But I know that’ll be stretching it too much. Anything else I can save on? Any ideas? I am new to this saving bit, will need all the help I can get.


5 thoughts on “7 resolutions to tighten the purse strings

  1. This is one post I would love to see grow into a full-fledged manifesto on practical living. This doesn’t have to mean scaling down. It means doing the right thing for the right reason — never without debating the reason. But you know what? The maximum number of shoes I’ve every owned happened in my old age and I can’t even explain how or why it happened — for the first time in my life, I’ve needed a big storage box for shoes, damn it, of all things shoes! So much for rooting for you and your ‘lets tighten the purse strings’ effort!

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