Remembering G: The battle with mosquitoes

Yesterday a couple of friends came over. My house is non-smoking except one balcony and that’s where everyone goes to light up. When G was around, almost all parties moved to the little space. With just me around, people politely sit in the living room. Anyway, I digress. So these friends went to the balcony to smoke; it got a bit stuffy so they opened the screens.

Now here is the thing. Just behind my house – where this balcony faces – is an empty tract of land. It has some vegetation and due to soil type there are small puddles of water forming everywhere. Yes, you got it. It’s an ideal, unchecked breeding ground for those ferocious vampires – mosquitoes. So when the screens are left open an army of them invades our house.

I’m lucky in a sense that mosquitoes don’t choose to bite me as often as they do other people. So when they swarmed in yesterday, the only inconvenience I had was some irritating buzzing around my ears when I was in bed. But a reminder about mosquitoes wasn’t such a great thing. It reminded me of the great fights G & I had about bug spray and other ways of getting rid of these pests.

You see, G was a magnet for mosquitoes. If there is one bug in the house it’ll find G and come to bite him. See the problem here – bugs don’t bite me, so I am indifferent to their existence; they really pestered G so his aim in life was to eliminate as many of them as possible. On top of that I hated bug spray – the smell and the whole there-is-poison-in-the-air feel. He on the other hand wanted to use it like air freshener – spraying generous quantities everywhere. I was okay with the plug in all-out kind of repellents, while those (he claimed) gave him a headache.

Oh we’ve had some memorable fights on this. I’ve stormed out and refused to sleep in the bedroom because he sprayed he. He’s stormed out and refused to sleep in the house because I won’t let him do effective bug control. Tempers ran high on issues of dealing with these tiny insects. When I look back now those fights are really funny. I mean what were we even thinking!

But eventually like in everything else we settled down. I was okay with some occasional sprayings, he was okay sometimes to sleep with the buzzing around. I got him Odomos, and used it copiously till my hands almost slipped off his skin! And we thought our fighting over bugs days were behind us.

And they are – just not in the way I pictured. I don’t think mosquitoes make it to heaven. So he should be comfortably off there. Did you know I packed Odomos the day I rushed to be by his side? His ancestral town is very near the jungles of the western ghats and so infested with mosquitoes. I thought he’d need it; because they did bug him a lot. And even while shivering and crying I remembered to pack that bottle. Just that he had no use for it anymore!

There is no more  bug spray on my shopping list – and I hate that fact! I hate it!


3 thoughts on “Remembering G: The battle with mosquitoes

  1. Interesting memory. Makes us ‘living ones’ or rather I say ‘existing ones’ treasure and learn to make the even the small things in life matter. So, in a sense – thank you.

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