The baby project phase 2: Second egg retrieval

It’s time again. I am done with the break and the second set of eggs is ready to be prepped. A major difference this time in the treatment plan – I’m going to try it long distance. My doctor, as I mentioned before, is based in Mumbai and I am in Bangalore. It’s a 1.5 hour flight to get there. The last time I went for the retrieval I had to stay in Mumbai for 15 days. Managing alone in a city where you are just visiting is demoralizing and expensive. I had a lot of good people taking care of me, but it just wasn’t like home and I missed G terribly. If I do the stim in Bangalore, I will be on familiar ground, and I can just go to Mumbai for the retrieval.

I spoke to my doctor and she says the plan can work. All I have to do is coordinate with her on a daily basis with scans and blood reports to adjust the medication doses and I should be good to go. And then I can take the trigger injection here in the night, fly to Mumbai the next day, get the retrieval the day after, recover for a day and come back. It would be a more streamlined plan. I’m a bit skeptical about the expertise of doctors here, but I think I should give it a try. If it doesn’t work, I’ll be in Mumbai for the 3rd one anyway.

The only thing I am not going to like are the pelvic scans. Dr. Firuza is great at them. She’s done with it in 30 seconds and one barely has the time to become uncomfortable. And there is no pain. I mean last time, I had my gall bladder removed and had bandages all over, still I was comfortable with the scans. Here in Bangalore they torture you. The scan I had yesterday took 5 whole minutes with the practitioner poking and prodding in all possible directions. It was as if she was waging a war inside me! And the scans get more painful as the treatment progresses since the ovaries enlarge and are tender. I was wondering if it’s paining now, what’s going to happen to me in the later stages! I wish they’s let someone come in and hold your hand. But India is just super prudish so definitely no handholding for me :(.

It’s now about waiting it out. I stopped taking Ovral G yesterday so my period should start any day now. In case it doesn’t start in the next 5 days I will anyway go for a day 5 scan and possibly start. So not looking forward to the injections, but it’s the only way to get that baby!

You better happen little one. I’m not doing this for nothing!



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