Insurance customer service – or lack thereof

This is just not the right time to be pissing me off. With the next egg retrieval imminent I am anyway at the end of my tether. But who’s supposed to be telling that to the insurance guys.

Have you bought medical insurance in India? Getting a claim from them is torture. In between the last egg retrieval cycle I had to go through an emergency gall bladder removal surgery. I was alone in a different city and in terrible pain, so I couldn’t opt for a cashless admission. And now I’ve been chasing after the TPA since November 2015 and there is no sign of my claim yet.

They keep asking for additional documents – I do think it’s deliberate because they can ask for all missing documents at once right. Why would they wait till I get one letter from the hospital, submit that, then ask for another letter and so on. But that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. And even after submitting everything I keep getting reminders that things are pending at my end!!! And then when I try to chase them to resolve stuff I keep getting customer service people who have no idea what’s happening and why.

Overall, it’s been a very painful procedure and i’m sick of the insurance company (United India) and the TPA (MediAssist) – they are definitely not ‘assisting’ with anything. And you know what makes it worse? G worked in the insurance industry and he’d have known someone who could get the claim processed in a jiffy – no more faceless people intoning rubbish to you. So here is one more thing that I am completely useless at without him. Another thing I have to deal with by myself. And I have a sneaky feeling that this list is just going to get longer and longer.

Well the TPA has just sent across another document that I have to get from the hospital – which is not easy btw because the hospital is even more unresponsive if you can believe it! So off I go chasing them now and trying to get this done. I just hope after this I don’t have to run behind something else!

Bah! I so didn’t need this right now. I just needed the money!


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